A Few of Our Fixnix Volunteers in Chennai

Our volunteers are from some of the best firms with high pedigree of education and professional experience. For our coding club at Saggezza, our volunteers are from Saggezza, Walmart Labs and a premier global financial institution. Some of our volunteers’ profiles are listed below:

M. Selvaganapathi



K.Karthik Raj

Kids to Volunteer Ratio: 4:1 [For every 4 kids we will have a volunteer anchoring that group.This will be over and beyond volunteers who will deliver structured training material to kids.] What will kids learn?Course content will be delivered in workshop format through structured training material and practical work anchored by volunteers.

Our Courses

Week 1
Creating a simple web page

Week 2
Linking between multiple web pages & styling

Week 3
Writing styles in a better way

Week 4
Create a top menu using HTML & CSS

Week 5
Applied Projects work with volunteers to Master HTML, CSS, WebsiteLayouts and Designs.