• Krish
  • January 25, 2017

Launch of 0Gravity

The 21st of January, 2017 was the inauguration of my dream project, 0Gravity. At first it was a moment of anxiety for me but the launch turned out to be a memorable event and smooth experience. It was truly remarkable to realize how in just six months, we had gone from a script of paper to our first batch.

We started the event by having Ms. Vaishali Kasture and Mr. Iqbal Sait, two highly esteemed industry leaders, light the lamp and address us. Their inspiring words motivated us to fulfil our full potential with no boundaries within the course and lives – let there be no obstacles to stop you.

Soon afterwards, I was asked to explain the project to the gathering. I gave the children and their parents an idea of 0Gravity, its mission and the format. I also described how the idea came about, during the two camps I had been a part of in America, Johns Hopkins and NYU. It is incredible that we all together have translated that concept into reality. I acknowledged my gratitude to all those who had helped me so far in the project with their guidance and support throughout the journey.

After the formal inauguration, the children and the faculty members moved to the room for the first lesson. The entire surrounding was very congenial, lab well-equipped and the volunteer members
friendly and cordial. And finally our first class of the HTML, CSS and Web Design batch had its take off!

Launch of 0Gravity