• Decenmber 22, 2017

0Gravity prepares for lift off – Sunderland Software City

Young Minecraft masters and gifted gamers are being invited to join a newly-formed coding club, inspired by a group set up almost 5,000 miles away. Global software solutions company, Saggezza, based at the Sunderland Software Centre, is launching 0Gravity in the new year, a club that invites local 8 to 11 year olds to learn more about coding.
The club will be officially launched on January 20. It will provide youngsters the opportunity to build and expand the popular game, Minecraft, by using java and a system and course called Code Kingdoms. Jill McKinney, training and delivery manager at Sunderland Software City, said: “0Gravity presents an exciting opportunity for local children to be inspired, and to find out more about the kind of roles they might aspire to in the future.
“All the schools we have spoken to so far have been very receptive and we urge others to get in touch as there will be more clubs later in the year.” Click Here For Full Story

  • Decenmber 22, 2017

The Hindu’s website. For the love of coding — The Hindu

Spearheaded by 15-year-old Krish Samtani, 0Gravity is set to host its next event this weekend. He defied convention by turning his love for coding into something more than just a pet project. At a time when most Xth graders have their noses buried deep in books gearing up for board exams, 15-year-old Krish Samtani has managed to strike a fine balance between his passion and academics.
The Bengaluru teen took his love for coding a notch further by setting up 0Gravity, a free coding club that opened to resounding response in his hometown. After that, Samtani decided to expand his project further and launched a Chennai edition as well. Click here for full story

  • November 25, 2017

US Consulate General Visits 0Gravity Club

Never too young to learn coding! Consul General Burgess recently spent time at 0 (Zero) Gravity, a coding club launched by 14-year-old Krish Samtani from Bangalore. The club which is in his home city and Chennai offers youth ages 10 to 15 the chance to improve their computer programming skills in a fun, pressure-free environment. American IT company Saggezza hosts the club in its offices. Congratulations to Krish and 0Gravity for this innovative approach to increasing computer literacy!Click here for full story

  • May 5, 2017

0Gravity Covered in American Chambers of Commerce, India, Publication – AmCham India

US Companies: Partners in India’s Inclusive Growth
American companies have been operating in India since 1902. Following India’s economic reforms, FDI from U.S. companies has exceeded 50 billion dollars. U.S. companies have actively engaged in India’s inclusive growth story and have created gainful engagement for more than 5 million people. Collectively, they are at the forefront of innovation and ground-breaking research and development across sectors, actively engaged with the MSME sector, committed to social upliftment, rural outreach, skill development, education, women’s empowerment, as well as, health and sanitation, across the country. This compendium offers a glimpse of the initiatives taken by AMCHAM members to contribute in India’s inclusive growth. Click here for full story Download PDF

  • April 29, 2017

The first of a kind coding club in India was launched by oGravity.org in collaboration with Saggezza

More recently, Saggezza partnered with 14-year-old, Krish Samtani’s 0Gravity.org to launch a coding club for children who are excited by the prospect of programming. 0Gravity.org is an initiative to create awareness, structured training programs and communities for technical education for children between the ages 10-14. 0Gravity.org’s mission is to provide a platform specifically designed for students who possess intellect and aspirations for the best, but haven’t yet been exposed to the absolute wonders of programming and computers.

The first of a kind coding club in India was launched by oGravity.org in collaboration with Saggezza at our corporate facilities in Chennai and Bangalore. The launch received an overwhelming response from young and enthusiastic children eager to explore the benefits of Computer Science in a corporate setting. Several children from Parikrama, The Perfect Raaga and other NGOs are also enrolled in the classes at the Coding Club which are offered completely free of cost. The classes are taught by volunteers who are technology professionals from Saggezza and other corporates. Click here for full story

  • April 8, 2017

Kids on a coding roller-coaster – The Times of India

Besides the fun side to coding, what is driving these kids is the community angle. 14 year old Krish Samtani, student of The International School, Bengaluru (TISB), runs 0Gravity, a coding club for kids. He is partnering with NGOs and schools to include all children who have interest in coding.

Open to children in the age group 10 -16 years, the clubs are conducted at Sagezza’s premises within IIT Madras Research Park and in Bengaluru. On April 8, Saturday, a club will be launched at startup FixNix’s premises in Ashok Nagar. “FixNix University was launched to groom freshers into product developers and security engineers. Our partnership with 0Gravity is in line with our vision to empower youngsters,” said Shanmugavel Sankaran, founder, FixNix. Click here for full story

  • March 1, 2017

Decoding is fun and free at city’s 0Gravity- The New Indian Express

CHENNAI: A trip to a coding camp in the US opened up possibilities of the field to 14-year-old Krish Samtani, who was immediately hooked.

“I didn’t want to come back from the camp because I was learning so much,” smiles the Bengaluru boy, recently in the city to launch 0Gravity, a free coding club for children between 10 to 15 years. “At the camp, I was exposed to two different kinds of coding, one for game design and the other on mathematics. When I got back home, I searched for coding clubs in the city where I could practice and learn more but there was none!” There were online coding clubs, of course but they did not have enough technical expertise when he got stuck with something.
“I thought it would be a great idea to let kids learn about coding by starting a club where the onus is not just learning but also fun,” Krish says.
0Gravity was first launched in Bengaluru in January with the support of host company Saggezza, and recently launched in Chennai to resounding response. “We’ve got so many registrations that we had to ask many to wait and join the next course, that will start in a few months,” smiles Krish. The 0Gravity coding club will have weekly sessions of two hours each for three months, with each course having 25 participants.Click here for full story

  • Febuary 20, 2017

Meet the youngest coding teacher and founder: how 14-year-old Krish Samtani is making coding free and fun for kids – YourStory.com

We met a guy who’s seen the future, and he says he sees it in combinations of brackets and characters that form commands. A self-learned wizard at this language, he believes people from all walks of life must become a part of this narrative, for it can be thrilling, entertaining, and form the building blocks of the modern world. So, he’s decided to take it to them, absolutely free of cost.click here for full story

  • Febuary 26, 2017

He’s just 14 and is set to launch a coding club in the city. Meet Krish Samtani of 0Gravity

At a time when most people his age spend their days gaming and earning brownie points from peers, 14-year-old Krish Samtani has his sights elsewhere. He developed a love for coding, took it a notch further and launched 0Gravity coding club in Bengaluru. 0Gravity, a free coding club that opened to resounding response, aims to impart training in applied computer science to children by experienced volunteers. And now, the teenager is set to bring the club to Chennai as well.

To be launched by host company Saggezza in IIT Madras Research Park, 0Gravity is open to children between the ages of 10 and 15. “We partner with local NGOs and schools to bring in enthusiastic, interested children,” says Samtani, adding, “Our first course is based on using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Web Design and Programming. Participants will learn how to create scripts, resulting in use of their creativity to make their own websites of their choice. The course lasts three months, and will be followed up by our next course, which is based on Solving Analytical Problems using Python.” Click Here For Full Story

  • Febuary 25, 2017

Inauguration of Coding Club – 0Gravity – Live Chennai.com

The inauguration of 0 gravity will be held today at 1pm, free coding club started by Krish Samtani, 14 year old Coder. The club will educate children from age group between 10 and 14 in computer coding.

Krish Samptani, 14-year old, started taking coding lessons from grade 7, and learned programming languages such as Python and Java. He is now set on a mission to share his learning with his generation and therefore started 0 gravity- a free coding club to Children between age 10 and 14 Click Here For Full Story

  • January 20, 2017

Cracking the CODE – The Hindu

A free community-driven Kids Coding Club, perhaps the first of its kind in India, is being launched today in IT city by a 14-year-old Bengalurean. He is 14, doesn’t think coding is nerdy, and believes that other kids his age should have access to practical computer training.

Krish Samtani may be a cool young adolescent with an accent to boot, but he has some big ideas for this world. Click Here For Full Story