Closing Ceremony of Coding Clubs in Chennai and Bengaluru

Closing Ceremony of Coding Clubs in Chennai and Bengaluru

We hosted a very special event on February 22nd in our coding clubs in Chennai and Bengaluru by concluding our workshops with children from Rainbox Foundation India. Through these workshops, we provided over 50 girls children over 3 months training on Website Design and Development.

Rainbow Foundation’s vision is to be an organization in which the most marginalized and disadvantaged child is reached and cared for by organizations of disadvantaged people, with strong contributions of the state as well as local civil society in every city creating a movement for caring of the dispossessed for the dispossessed.

Through 0Gravity’s workshops, we imparted Website building education to girl children in the age group of 14 – 18 years old from Rainbow homes, a program of Rainbow Foundation. Most of these girl children came from street situations into Rainbow Foundation.

The group went through an intensive 3 months program on Basics of Computers and Website Programming using HTML on the weekends. The volunteers for the workshop were technologists from Saggezza and a global investment bank.

It was a very emotional event for the children and for all of us. To see them progress so much in 3 months not only in their computer skills, but their confidence which they shared with all of us was a moving experience.

Our movement moves upwards and onwards!

Krish Samtani,

Founder, 0Gravity

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