What will kids learn?

We will get started off with learning to build your own website using technologies like HTML and CSS. The volunteers will deliver classes, help you with programming concepts and your individual or group projects. As you become proficient with it, in later stages, we will go into JavaScript and other programming languages like Python.
We want to provide an environment and opportunities where the kids feel inspired, motivated and enthusiastic about learning to code, learning from the volunteers, interacting with peers of the same age group and aspiring to fly. Last but not the least, we want to make programming a FUN activity for children.

What do the kids need to bring?

The kids just need to bring their enthusiasm, smile and desire to learn to the coding club. They will be provided with access to the best in class computer training facility at Saggezza’s campus in Bengaluru. Bringing your own laptop is optional!!

Who are the volunteers for the coding club?

Our volunteers are highly qualified professionals from IT industry who have high pedigree of education from the best in class institutes and multi-year experience of working in IT discipline of various industries.

Where is the coding club being hosted?

The coding club is being hosted at the Corporate Headquarters of Saggezza in Bengaluru. Saggezza is a global solutions provider with corporate offices and clients around the world. Learn more about Saggezza at www.saggezza.com.

As a parent, can I come and help?

Yes, active participation of parents as volunteers is welcome. Come and join our movement. Be with your kid, help with your technical or non-technical skills. This is a COMMUNITY driven initiative with volunteers how are helping with their skills and time.

How do I register my kid?

Go to www.0gravity.org TODAY and register with information for your kid. We have limited seating capacity of 25 to absorb in the coding club. We will make every effort to provide kids with opportunities to join this movement to learn, interact and fly.