Launch Of 0Gravity Coding Club In Bangalore, Sept 17

Launch Of 0Gravity Coding Club In Bangalore, Sept 17

On September 9th , I attended the launch of the Fundamentals of Programming class. This batch comprised of students solely from Ekalavya School, ranging from kids in class VII to X, which meant that the children were already familiar with each other, making it all the more exciting for the children. As the founder, I was very excited to begin this course.

The launch began with me giving an introduction of the volunteers, course and our mission. We also recognized the efforts of Mrs. Preeth, Mr. Iqbal and a few others who have contributed a lot in order to promote our initiative.

My father and mother also spoke a few words, but owing up to the tremendous energy level of the children, decided to start teaching immediately, and without any delay began our first session.

The Fundamentals of Programming class is also being run at the Chennai branch of Saggezza, where we have already crossed the halfway mark of six weeks. We are also undergoing talks with other firms to start 0Gravity in several centres across South India, where so many children are interested in this

Launch of 0Gravity Coding Club in Bangalore, Sept 17

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