Launch of 0Gravity’s Coding Club in Chicago, US

Launch of 0Gravity's Coding Club in Chicago, US

A few weeks back, I was privileged to visit Chicago, US for the launch of our first 0Gravity club in the US. Ahead of the event launch, we had to put in months of effort to meticulously plan with the volunteers, our partners and host company, Saggezza, the content for the workshop and the logistics. For our club in Chicago, we partnered with the Girls Scout chapter in the Chicago, Aurora Public Library, Fountaindale Public Library, MaryVille Academy and Fox Valley Park District.

It was a great event, and I was fortunate enough to meet some very kind people from our host company, Saggezza, including their global CEO, who put in months of hard work to make it happen. We were also joined by Dr. Adrienne M. Holloway and Deanna Cross from Aurora Public Library and Chicago city’s innovation office, who showed tremendous support for the initiative. The day commenced with a video from US Congressman, Raja Krishnamoorthi, of Illinois state, who sent a very motivational message for the kids. I made a presentation about the goals and objectives of 0Gravity to the audience. We also got to hear from Jai Shekhawat, Founder and Former CEO of FieldGlass on practical application of Computer Science in day-to-day life and in the industry.

After eating some pizza and having conversations with the kids, we had a interactive session which merged Physics, Math and coding. In all, it was a memorable experience, and the batch is currently doing very well and getting a grasp on the fundamentals of coding quickly.

Recently, we have also launched an all-girls coding club (with 25 girls from foster homes) in Bengaluru, where we are training them on Website Development using HTML and Javascript.

Krish Samtani,
Founder, 0Gravity

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