Launch of all girls coding club in Bangalore, a first of it’s type

Launch of all girls coding club in Bangalore, a first of it's type

On 27th October, our 0Gravity team hosted the launch of an all-girls coding club at our Bangalore campus. There are 25 girl children in all, with the group consisting of 12 girls from Child Fund Association and 13 girls from Navajeevana Foundation. The group will go through an intensive 3 months program on Website Programming using HTML and JavaScript on the weekends. The volunteers for the workshop are technologists from Saggezza and a global investment bank.

It was a special occasion, not only because it of the batch constitution, but it also marked our seventh batch in Bangalore and 150+ kids we have trained in Bangalore alone. For the event, we were joined by several special guests from the industry who addressed the children and shared their perspectives on how computer science can help the kids in their careers in the future. Mr. Iqbal, CEO of Saggezza EMEA and India and Mr. Rishi Mehta, the senior director of Technology at Target, offered wise words to the students and motivated them to be excited for the course. The highlight of the day was listening to the children share their interest and enthusiasm about the program. Some of the girls are in 1st PU, and they were grateful to have the opportunity to use computers to develop practical applications.

The volunteers were also recognized for their tremendous efforts in contributing towards 0Gravity’s cause. We capped the day off by immediately beginning with an introductory session about the concept of websites and HTML.

Our movement moves upwards and onwards!

Krish Samtani,
Founder, 0Gravity

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