Reflections of a Rewarding Journey

Reflections of a Rewarding Journey

Since 0Gravity initiated a year and a half ago, the movement has come a long way. As the founder and a student of 0Gravity, I have learnt a lot over the time period. I have been privileged to be involved in a growing environment, collaborating and learning from both volunteers and children alike.

The opportunity to learn in a corporate environment enriches the interest of the children. The volunteers, experienced members of the IT sector and very open-minded and sociable in nature, have made it easier for me to grasp concepts in a fun atmosphere. I have been inspired by the volunteers’ ability to impart challenging skills in such an effective manner.The children, from various corners of the city, can openly share thoughts and are welcome to approach the volunteers at any stage for assistance.

It has been great to also observe a number of parents immersing themselves in the program and contributing their knowledge to our learning. Peer learning, unlike some schools, is highly encouraged in 0Gravity camps. Talking to one another helps solve doubts and progress faster. Then, there are the frequent visits from renowned IT industry leaders, who deliver motivating talks and an account of experience.

Over the last year and a half, we have been very fortunate to train some wonderful children. Applied computer science training is a rarity in India, and our objective is to leave children with a spark of interest in the hope of further pursuing computer science.

The last year and half has also given me an education of a different sort. I have engaged in numerous meetings and discussions with other respected members of the IT industry. Their support and advice have encouraged me to continue upholding the movement and try and take it to higher levels. Additionally, the tips and strategies to scale the movement further have given me brief insights into an industry leader’s thought process.

As we prepare to open a new branch in Chicago, I hope that the movement continues to flourish, and I have the privilege to see more children continue to blossom on this journey.

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