Saggezza Bengaluru Volunteers

Our volunteers are from some of the best firms with high pedigree of education and professional experience. For our coding club at Saggezza, our volunteers are from Saggezza, Walmart Labs and a premier global financial institution. Some of our volunteers’ profiles are listed below

I am Praveen Kumar from Giridih Jharkhand, completed B.tech in Computer Science from DRIEMS College. I am working in Saggezza India Pvt. Ltd. as Associate Software Engineer. I have 1.10 years experience in DOT Domain. I Joined List Services in July 2016, currently I am working on Comail Optimizer using MVC architecture, C# .Net, Windows service and Client technologies like HTML, jQuery and bootstrap.

Praveen Kumar director

Praveen Kumar

I am Pradeep Kumar, have 6+ years of experience in Software Development using Microsoft Technologies. Experience in handling Project as an individual as well as in group. I have excellent problem solving skills with a strong technical background and good interpersonal skills.

Pradeep Nugala director

Pradeep Nugala

I’m Jayanth Sridhar, software engineer and a musician from Bangalore, India. I’ve worked in the industry for 10+ years, primarily in start ups. My experience across my previous jobs covers web, security, networking, IT, application performance and more. In my free time, I like to tinker with electronics, new web frameworks, Raspberry Pi and more.

Jayanth Sridhar director

Jayanth Sridhar

I have 9+ years of experience in IT Industry and my day to day job is to provide solutions to business challenges of IT industry and design and develop those solutions. I come from a background of Web development with Microsoft Technologies. I love technology and cool gadgets and like to learn and know about it.

Mohammed Hafeez director

Mohammed Hafeez

Love to be known as a person who serves those who deserve and contribute where needed. Have more than 22 years of corporate experience, three years of volunteer experience at old age homes and orphanages. I am a god mother of twenty five kids from the urban slums. Graduated from IIT Delhi with an MBA from FMS. Wish to use my knowledge and capabilities towards inclusive growth.

Sarita Tirumala director

Sarita Tirumala

I’m a full-stack web developer with 4+ years of industrial experience in architecting, developing and implementing interactive web applications. Currently I am following my dreams, working on some real cool out-of-the-box projects and living a life of a typical coder geek.

Saifuddin B director

Saifuddin B

Saggezza Chennai Volunteers

I have 5+ years of experience in IT industry, 4+ years in Web Applications. Have experience in Hybrid mobile applications. Currently working in MEAN Stack. I am very passionate about learning and working on new technologies.

Jagaveera Vasudevan director

Jagaveera Vasudevan

I have 3+ years of experience in IT industry as a MEAN Stack developer and hybrid Mobile applications developer. Keen to enhance the components from different JavaScript libraries. Love to spend time with friends. Interested in new gadgets and technologies.

Taheer Ahamed Shaik director

Taheer Ahamed Shaik

I’m a full-stack web developer with 8+ years of industrial experience in developing and implementing interactive web applications by using Microsoft Technologies. Currently, I am creating a NuGet package which supports the frontend development in Asp.Net Mvc web application. By using this package, a developer can easily create the html pages of Asp.Net Mvc web application.

John Raj director

John Raj

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Saggezza India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. I have been working as Front-End developer with various web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, ExtJS, Sencha Touch and AngularJS for various application. I love learning new technologies and teaching.

Shanu Mon director

Shanu Mon

I am a software Engineer by profession and have a great passion towards CSR. Technology and adventure keeps me going. I love travelling. I am really inspired by the quote, “Don’t live the same day 365 times, and say that you have lived these many number of years. One important message to all : I will be more than happy to help, if it can make a difference!

Priya Kumari director

Priya Kumari

I am primarily a Java developer, work on Big Data and write programming languages. I write Android and Windows apps for fun. In my free time, I may be found reading story books or building miniature models.

Akshay Zade director

Akshay Zade

I am a software engineer with 1.5+ years experience in developing web applications using c#, MVC Architecture and other Microsoft technologies. I am committed towards learning and keeping myself abreast with technologies. Would like to invest time and energy in something that brings out positivity.

Yashodha Doddur director

Yashodha Doddur

I am working for Saggezza as Trainee Software Engineer. I have 11 months of experience in Dot Net. Currently working for a project as developer. I am always open and eager to learn new technologies to enhance my skills and make use of it in day to day life.

Saiduzzama Nafeesahmad director

Saiduzzama Nafeesahmad

Fixnix Chennai Volunteers

M.Tech graduate in Computer Science (2012 – 2014) from Vellore Institute of Technology. Having good knowledge in Cloud Management like windows Azure, Amazon cloud and shell scripting in Linux. Joined Fixnix as an Intern in November 2013 and been actively involved in product development as a full stack developer. Currently performing the roll of senior developer and leading the Fixnix University Team by involving them in development as well as helping them in learning new technologies.

M. Selvaganapathi director

M. Selvaganapathi

Engineering graduate in Information Technology (2012 – 2015) from Panimalar Engineering College. Joined Fixnix as an Intern in 2016 and promoted as a Front end Developer. Website development is my area of Interest. Being a front end developer and website developer have good level of knowledge in HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Word press and Angular JS.

Karthikeyan director


Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering (2013 – 2017) from N.S.N College of Engineering and Technology. Joined Fixnix as an Intern in 2017 and also an active member of Fixnix University and learning new technologies like Angular JS, Ruby etc. Passionate in learning new technologies and have strong belief in self-learning .Interested in designing websites. Have good knowledge in HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Angular JS and improving it through knowledge sharing with my Co-learners.

C.Manikandan director


AMIE ,ECE (2016 – present) from Institute Of Engineers Calicut. Having good knowledge in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Java script and Angular JS . Joined Fixnix as an Intern in January 2017and been actively involved in product development as a Front End developer. Currently performing the roll of Front end developer in Fixnix University Team.

K.Karthik Raj director

K.Karthik Raj

Sunderland, UK Volunteers

Graduating with a Masters in Computer Science from Newcastle University, I joined Saggezza as an Associate Analyst in 2017 and have mostly been working with Quadient Inspire software to provide customer communication solutions. In addition to programming languages, I enjoy learning foreign languages and can currently speak five

Matt Ward director

Matt Ward

I'm Charlotte and I'm the Technical Recruiter for Saggezza UK, I joined Saggezza in September 2017. I know basic Java, this is an exciting opportunity for me to learn more.

Charlotte Milton director

Charlotte Milton

I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from Newcastle University & have been working as a System Analyst for Saggezza since August 2017. I have good knowledge of front-end web development languages & frameworks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap. At University I enjoyed the design challenge of developing for mobile systems; I now wish to build upon this skill-set as the necessity for mobile-first development continues to increase.

Phil Wittich director

Phil Wittich

I'm Martin Shields, an associate software developer who completed a BSc in Computing. I am very passionate about learning new technologies as well as strengthening my own skills in .Net development and front end development. In my spare time I enjoy doing personal projects on my raspberry pi and watching my favourite football team Newcastle United.

Martin Shields director

Martin Shields

Since graduating from Northumbria University in 2013, I have gained over 3 years of experience working in the IT industry as a software and web developer using C#, ASP.NET, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Unity and Python. Teaching using games was the subject of my university dissertation so I’m enthusiastic about helping bring 0Gravity to Sunderland. Outside of work I love video games and Japanese culture.

Matt Tinn director

Matt Tinn

``I am an IT Analyst with one year of experience at Saggezza. I’ve been developing using Java in a suite called Quadiant Inspire, which delivers bespoke communication solutions. I am committed to staying up to date with the latest trends in technology and I am always eager to learn from new experiences. In my spare time I like to work towards building my own Smart Home.

Andrew Dixon director

Andrew Dixon

I completed a foundation degree in Mobile Software Development from Newcastle College and a BSc Honors in Applied Computing from Northumbria University. I currently work for Saggezza as an Associate Software Analyst. I have experience using various programming languages including java and I have experience in software development.

Dean Norman director

Dean Norman

I am an associate Software Developer at Saggezza's Sunderland office. In the short time I've worked here, I've participated in projects using many different technologies such as HTML 5, Java, C#, ASP.NET, and much more. I love watching football, playing pool, and working on personal projects in my free time

Josh Kirk director

Josh Kirk

I graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in Computing and Information Technology, and I have been working as an analyst with Saggezza since the beginning of last year. I have experience with web dev technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript) as well as databases and app development.

Dave Westgarth director

Dave Westgarth

I have been an Analyst with Saggezza since 2016, working with clients on document composition solutions after I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Teesside. I enjoy learning and applying new technologies, especially those to do with app development.

Nicole Robson director

Nicole Robson

I'm a Software developer with almost 2 years experience in industry designing, developing and implementing applications across a range of languages and sectors. I love learning about new technologies and enjoy tinkering with them to create cool little applications.

Qamar Riaz director

Qamar Riaz