Introducing 0Gravity

Introducing 0Gravity

Hi. I am Krish. I am 14 years old and currently live in Bangalore, India with my parents and younger brother, Shubh. I have many areas of interests that I have pursued passionately like playing sports, music and studying too. But throughout the span of my life so far, I have been fascinated by the wonders of the combination of man and machine and how they can come together, to achieve the impossible. Over the last decade, from the old day computers to the present day smartphones with talking applications, technology has developed faster than anything else has. This brings to the forefront my passion – programming and computers.

In our world, programming plays an essential role in linking us as people together and discovering things we could have never done before. It comes in so many useful ways, which makes it a key bonus in so many jobs worldwide. Usually, children begin programming at the age of 10, and take it on with some easy languages that build a foundation and hook children onto further pursuing of programming like Scratch. I have been very fortunate to learn some beneficial and exceptionally fun languages like Java and Python but throughout the course of my programming journey thus far, two questions always crop up in my mind which I am unable to answer: “What about the kids who are smart, but don’t have facilities to take on Computer Science?” and “How could ideas fly to bring technology to the next level by uniting all programmers globally together?”

At last, I have finally come up with a solution, “0Gravity”. The name signifies that you or anyone have no limits. We all can come together to overcome even the mightiest of forces and obstructions.

With “0Gravity”, we are trying to make a platform specifically designed for students who possess a very high level of intellect and aspiration for the best but due to a low socioeconomic status, haven’t yet been exposed to the absolute wonders of programming and computers. 0Gravity will provide basic computer lessons through some of the top dojos in India to help give a jumpstart to these children.

I sincerely believe that “0Gravity” would help raise the standard of professions for these children in India, even if it’s just a few. Everyone can come together to show his/her constructive and creative ideas to overcome the mightiest of stops, getting rid of troubles and limits and hence achieving “0Gravity”.

Introducing 0Gravity

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